MMW 122 – Exploring the Modern World (Summer 2015)


  • Our lecture room has changed to Warren Lecture Hall 2111.  Class time remains the same.
  • My office hours are changed to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-6pm to better accomodate students.

Midterm is on Thursday, August 20th

Final Exam is on Saturday, September 5th, from 3-6pm

Midterm Review Guide
Final Exam Review Guide


Powerpoint #1: The Malthusian Economy and the Great Divergence

Powerpoint #2: The Enlightenment and the Social Contract

Powerpoint #3: Revolutions, Economic and Political

Powerpoint #4: The New Spirits of the Age

Powerpoint #5: Ism, Ism, Ism

Powerpoint #6: Ism, Ism, Ism, Part 2

Powerpoint #7: Imperialism in Africa, India, and China

Powerpoint #8: The World in Upheaval

Powerpoint #9: Guest Lecture by Ben Van Overmeire on Modern Art

Powerpoint #10: Responses to Liberalism

Powerpoint #11: Liberalism Triumphant

  1. Kenneth Pomeranz, “Political Economy and Ecology on the Eve of Industrialization: Europe, China, and the Global Conjuncture” (2002) 
  2. Jared Diamond, “What Makes Countries Rich or Poor?” (2012)
  3. John Williamson, “What Washington Means by Policy Reform” (1990)